What does it mean when a Cisco product goes end of life

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In our latest podcast episode, we explore the concept of “end-of-life” (EOL) technology, focusing on Cisco products. We discuss the lifecycle of technology, from active sales to when they're no longer supported. Understanding this process is crucial for businesses looking to manage their IT infrastructure effectively.

Key Takeaways

"End of Sale” refers to the point when a product is no longer sold, while “End of Life” is when all support for the product ceases. Typically, there is a significant time gap between these two stages to help businesses transition smoothly.

After a product is declared End of Sale, there is usually a five-year window before it reaches End of Life. This period allows companies to continue receiving support and plan for future upgrades without immediate pressure.

Extending the life of existing technology can save costs and reduce environmental impact. Programs that offer re-manufactured products such as Cisco Refresh, help maintain and support network infrastructure without the need for a complete system overhaul, making it both cost-effective and sustainable.

Listen to the full episode below to learn more about managing the lifecycle of your technology efficiently and sustainably.


Watch the full episode here

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