Network management solutions for high-availability networks

Cisco LAN management solutions provide powerful management tools that simplify the configuration, administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco networks to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your operations staff and increase the overall availability of your network through proactive planning. Improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime, using class-leading products and solutions for managing an enterprise network.

Cisco DNA Center: Open platform for intent-based networking

Cisco DNA Center is a complete software-based network automation and assurance solution. It’s the dashboard for control and management of our intent-based networking solution – Cisco DNA. Finally, there’s an open, extensible platform for making intent-based networking a reality.

  • Faster deployment: Reduce the time spent on provisioning and change management from days to hours.
  • Smarter operations: Get network performance insights and guided issue remediation. Spend less time on mundane troubleshooting tasks.
  • Reduced risk: Quickly detect and respond to threats, before hackers can steal data or disrupt operations

Cisco Meraki Dashboard

The Meraki dashboard API allows access to most monitoring and configuration functionality in the dashboard via a RESTful API. This allows customers and developers to bulk provision thousands of Meraki devices and networks and to manage configurations.


  • Cloud-managed control of the entire network for wireless, switching, and security appliances
  • Zero-touch provisioning for rapid deployment
  • Intuitive interface eliminates costly training and added staff
  • Continuous feature updates delivered from the cloud
  • Highly available and secure (PCI/HIPAA compliant)


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