Cisco Certified Refresh – extending the life of your existing Cisco IT infrastructure


Do you need to add capacity to an existing infrastructure platform that is already end-of-sale?  Virtualisation, Management and Provisioning software compatibility can dictate an unplanned or forced upgrade of your Cisco technology.
Maximise your IT investment: Our no-cost Consultation Service analyses sourcing of end-of-sale equipment directly from Cisco. We can maximise the investment of your in-life platforms, without adding  operational risk or compromising quality. By mutual agreement Cistor consultants will audit your current Cisco environment and agree a plan to extend its capacity and servicable life.
Include existing equipment: The plan can incorporate existing equipment as part of a Next Generation IT & Cloud transformation plan to maximise value, manage risk and reduce disruption.

Support the customer price point: Products surved this way supplement new Cisco sales and meet customer buying challenges in cases where price, immediate need, or older generation product requirements cannot be met with new Cisco products.

‘As new’ Cisco products: Products are fully remanufactured to Cisco OEM standards. The result is peace of mind knowing you are getting a genuine Cisco product, with the latest software release but at a significantly reduced cost.


Cisco Certified Refresh technology timeline


Cisco Certified Refresh benefits

  • Maximises limited budget
  • Extends the life of existing platforms beyond End of Sale
  • Lowers self sparing product costs
  • Replaces grey product with Cisco certified equipment

Non-Certified – aka Grey (Brokered, Unauthorised, “Independent”) Any product not sourced through certified sources:

  • Will not have Cisco software licensed to you
  • Will not have a Cisco warranty registered to you
  • May be stolen or counterfeit
  • Anyone could have tampered with the software or hardware



The consequences of buying grey market products


Which one is the original?

Secondary market products can cause more than just support headaches for your business

  • No Cisco guarantee
  • No Support and Service (your SmartNet support may be cancelled)
  • No authorised use of Cisco software
  • Products could be modified and pose threat to the security of the end user network
  • Poor quality of counterfeit product impacts on functionality & reliability
  • Products imported into EEA without Cisco consent constitute illegal import and infringement of Cisco’s intellectual property rights


How much can network downtime cost?

Can you afford to lose $100,000? Because that is the average amount of a single hour of downtime reported by an ITIC study in 2017. Every year since 2008, ITIC has sent out an independent survey to measure downtimes costs and over time the average cost of a single hour of downtime has risen by 25% to 30%.

Here are the surprising results:

    • 98% of organisations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000
    • 81% of respondents indicated that 60 minutes of downtime costs their business over $300,000
    • 33% of those enterprises reported that one hour of downtime costs their firms $1-5 million
      Source: Information Technology Intelligence Consulting Research (ITIC)


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