WAN optimisation solutions – accelerate applications and optimise user experience



  • Cisco SD-WAN: Improve performance with Cisco SD-WAN, which dynamically selects the most efficient WAN links on an application-by-application basis.
  • Cisco WAAS: Next-generation WAN optimisation accelerates business, SaaS and IaaS applications delivered from private and virtual private cloud infrastructures like Azure for Office 365 or Salesforce and helps businesses deliver high-quality digital experiences.
  • Cisco WAAS with Akamai Connect: Deliver application optimisation and speed up your WAN by extending the Akamai Intelligent Platform directly into your branch router.
  • WAN optimisation management: Centrally design, configure, manage, and monitor WAAS and application policies in your network using Cisco DNA Center and Virtual Central Manager for WAAS.



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