System Integrator business technology – robust IT lifecycle management

As a System Integrator, managing the lifecycle of your customers’ network and data centre infrastructure presents a major challenge, particularly in highly regulated sectors like government, defence and critical infrastructure.
In these areas, equipment and software approvals can be a lengthy process, which inevitably leads to an extended production lifecycle – often beyond the manufacturer’s new equipment end-of-sale date. Additionally, operational procedures will have been put in place with technical and non-technical staff trained on existing technology – not so easy to upgrade systems every three to five years – the vendor’s lifecycle.

We help customers extend the life of network and data centre infrastructure beyond manufacturer’s end-of-sale dates, without the added risk of buying second-hand equipment. We support multiple vendor’s certified remanufactured equipment programs, matching customer demand with the availability of supply.

A viable option to extending platform life
Quality – Provenance – Authenticity – Software Versioning – Security – Warranty

This proactive approach ensures that our System Integrator customers can provide the level of service required by their customers in a cost-effective manner, without compromising quality or adding risk to their solutions.

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