Knowing that you need technology to keep your organisation running is one thing – being able to source it is another. We use our expertise in new and circular technology to create networking supply chains our clients can rely on.

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The businesses we work with face two difficult challenges – predicting the networking equipment they are going to need in the future and then accessing supply chains they can depend upon to meet those needs. They come to us with questions around both of these issues and we provide the answers they want to hear. What networking equipment do they need? Where can they source it? Does it require any upgrades? Can they rely on it? These are the kind of problems that we turn into solutions.

Our ability to create stable and resilient supply chains is based on our partnership with leading equipment manufacturers like Cisco. We use partnerships like this to circumvent traditional IT supply chains and create a new and more robust delivery model. The equipment we source passes through authorised remanufactured programmes before being supplied directly to clients with the backing and reassurance of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty.

The outcome of this innovative approach to network technology procurement is the creation of genuine Just-In-Time supply chains, with the technology our clients need stored, logged, called off and delivered as and when they need it.

By supplying fully authorised networking equipment in this way we enable our clients to participate in the circular IT economy and play a positive role in the vital work of cutting eWaste.

The challenge.

Rigid supply chains

across EU & US

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The telecommunications market is one in which change is a constant factor and events tend to move at speed. This makes predicting what equipment will be needed in the future and where it needs to be difficult, even for an established global telecommunications provider such as this particular client.

The solution to this issue had historically involved the client turning to the secondary market to meet demand as and when it arose while keeping control of costs. The shift to working with us was prompted by a desire to source solutions which came from a trusted and authorised supplier and arrived with the protection of full warranties.

The client needed to work with rigid supply chains across the EU and US.

The solution.

Blended technology

New & Cisco Refresh

We worked in close partnership with the client in order to gain a full understanding of the type and range of their requirements, and as a result of this analysis we were able to design a Just-In-Time supply chain able to meet these requirements.

As an integral part of this supply chain we worked in partnership to devise a process able to forecast future demand and enable accurate pre-staging of the equipment needed.

We delivered a seamless transformation during which new and Cisco Refresh technology was added to the existing supply chain and the results included a reduction in both the cost of networking maintenance and the amount of waste being generated. The fact that existing equipment solutions were being remanufactured extended their working life and delivered a green dividend that benefitted the wider environment and the boosted the eco-credentials and corporate image of the client.

The outcome.

The Just-In-Time nature of the supply chain we delivered meant that the lead time on new equipment was reduced to a single day, enabling the client to deliver their services in a more timely and efficient manner.

The robust and responsive nature of the new supply chains meant that the client no longer needed to waste time, money and resources holding inventory.

Working in partnership with us led to the client enjoying annual savings of $1m.

The client’s use of newly manufactured technology was cut by 70% which represents a reduction of 40,000kg in the annual amount of eWaste being generated. Given the scale of Ewaste, which amounts to 50 million tonnes per year, and the fact that 24% of this is estimated to consist of IT and networking equipment, it’s fair to say that delivering this project directly prevented usable equipment being wasted, scrapped and placed into landfill.

“We created a just-in-time supply chain solution that kept pace with our client’s fast paced marketplace.

We seamlessly blended new and remanufactured technology. By doing this, rather than simply recommending new, we prevented thousands of kilos of materials from being extracted. It also prevented functioning equipment from needlessly becoming eWaste.

This solution operates at scale across Europe and the US, and can be replicated in other organisations”


Anthony Levy, Founder & CEO Cistor

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