Working with us means saving money whilst minimising eWaste.

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Dealing with the reality of finite resources means having to make your IT equipment last as long as possible without compromising performance, and we’ve spent 12 years developing the experience and expertise needed turn this aspiration into a reality. Customers who come to us can relax in the knowledge that their products are fully authorised, and that the purchases they make are as good for the planet as they are for the bottom line.

The equipment we supply is authorised remanufactured technology, taking advantage of the fact that the period between end of sale and end of life can be as long as 5 years. It comes at an overall cost which is a fraction of what it would be to replace the network in full with new equipment.

We source equipment which is otherwise hard to find, and put that equipment through a vendor backed remanufacture programme. The result? Affordable product which is as good as new with industry-standard support across the board.

The challenge.

To increase capacity

across 7 datacentres

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The MOD came to us when they needed to increase capacity across 7 datacentres on a platform based in a secure and demanding environment. In addition to increased capacity they were looking for solutions which offered enhanced longevity and resilience.

The existing platform made extensive use of Cisco technology which had reached end of sale, and this made it difficult for the client to source their own replacement equipment.

The deadlines for the project were extremely tight and incorporated targets based around key metrics like battle readiness.

The solution.


and reused technology

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We worked in close collaboration with the client to analyse their requirements in depth, and this analysis led to a proposal which incorporated new, remanufactured and reused technology.

Our status as a Circular Economy Partner with Cisco enabled us to source the specific components we needed at speed, before passing them back to Cisco to undergo remanufacture.

These remanufactured components were then used to put together a resilient end-to-end solution under the Cisco Refresh brand.

The outcome.

First and foremost, we launched the platform for the MOD within the deadline and for the specified budget

The life-span of the existing platform was extended for 3 years, and the eWaste which would have been generated by replacing the equipment in 7 datacentres with new equipment was avoided

Successful delivery via remanufactured components resulted in the MOD – and the taxpayers funding it – saving $15m under the Cisco Refresh brand.

“Resilience is key for the MoD. We collaborated with Cisco to deliver a fully authorised & trusted datacentre solution in one of the world’s most demanding operating environments.

Our solution had limited incremental cost and prevented a huge amount of unnecessary eWaste.

The agility with which we responded to the brief is testament to the close relationship between Cisco and Cistor which made this solution possible”


Anthony Levy, Founder & CEO Cistor

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