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When Microsoft Office 365 first launched the real clincher was having an expert takeover the management of email systems. IT teams had got sick of the time, resource and money invested in keeping these systems available and secure, and as a result the distraction from getting to the projects that mattered to their business. Overnight Office 365 took that headache away and really set the tone for what could be expected from an as-a-service model, inspiring services in almost every area of IT provision and attractive per-unit (time, user, instance) consumption-based pricing.


One area that has remained relatively untouched by this phenomenon is the network. Like email before it, it’s a core service that for most organisations is becoming more difficult to manage. Maintaining performance and security especially, challenge even the savviest IT teams and can rinse budgets of any room for innovation.


Thankfully, positive disruption has at last hit the network and looks set to re-write the operational handbook.


The birth of Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS)


Connectivity-as-a-Service, or CaaS for short, is the next generation of as-a-service offering for running and paying for the network infrastructure that makes your business tick. That means not just the provision of hardware and software assets your business depends on, but the expertise and resource to fully manage it for you as well.


So, what about your existing equipment? Unpicking that as part of onboarding a new service sounds like a lot of work and an undertaking you’re just not ready for. Fortunately, that’s not how it works. A CaaS solution will buy back your existing tech (which instantly releases capital back into your budget), sure up any gaps in tech and then take over responsibility for your network from then on. Essentially, you’re handing over the ownership and management of your network hardware to a team of experts, while you continue to benefit from the connectivity and capabilities it delivers.


Just like with Office 365, when you’re no longer worrying about the nuts and bolts of basic provision, you can start to focus on the bells and whistles, and the advances you want to make with your network and IT overall. Instead of worrying about what goes on under the hood, you can focus on quality of service, added value and commercial arrangements that become the key factors in how you enable the connectivity your business depends on.


Introducing Tiviti – comprehensive, hassle-free CaaS


A pioneering Connectivity-as-a-Service solution, Tiviti is an all-encompassing service that puts the management of every aspect of your connectivity estate under one roof. Entrusting Cistor as a single provider we can revolutionise how you pay for and manage your network, through highly flexible, per-user per-month contracts spread over 1-, 3- and 5-year terms.


This means no more management commitments, no more stressing over the future costs and instead guaranteed access to all the capabilities you need for fast, reliable and secure connectivity.


Providing an initial steer on costs can be achieved in just a few minutes after you’ve answered some simple questions. From there, it starts with a thorough network audit, where we identify the technology we can buy back and where modernisation may need to occur in order to provide the service levels you seek. Best of all, the switchover can be achieved with next to no disruption to the ongoing function of your network.


To learn more about the exciting opportunities available with Tiviti and to discover how it could help your business shift your network to a utility-like approach, get in touch with a member of the team today. Our Connectivity-as-a-Service ebook is available to download and you can check out more information here.

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