We help you turn your assets into cash and avoid e-waste during decommissioning.

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When the time comes to decommission assets we offer two incredibly valuable services. In the first instance we make it possible for clients to maximise the remaining value of those assets. Secondly, we turn the decommissioning process into an opportunity to contribute to the circular economy, by redeploying the equipment itself to prolong its working life.

During our formative years as a business – 12 years ago now – we were shocked to discover the phenomenon, scale and impact of e-waste (electronic waste). In the years since then the amount of e-waste being produced globally has increased every year, and by 2020 the figure had reached 50 million tonnes. The kind of IT and telecoms equipment in which we specialise accounts for approximately 24% of this total.

We work in close partnership with clients to help them make a difference and lessen the impact of e-waste when the time comes to decommission their networks. We don’t just help with the decommissioning, we also secure the data of our clients and make sure that the equipment they no longer need can be utilised safely and legally by someone else. We do this by returning the equipment to the original manufacturer, which maintains its legal status, and then ensuring it gets redeployed into the right channels. The result is a positive outcome for our clients, our partners and the planet in general.

The challenge.

Protect client data

Reuse the technology

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A European banking client, asked us to securely decommission their UK Headquarter’s Datacentre and Core Network.

We approached the task with two key aims – to securely protect the data of our client and to ensure that the technology they no longer needed would be reused rather than simply – and wastefully – scrapped

We set out to maximise the value of the assets being decommissioned for our client at the same time as delivering a return on investment for Cisco when the equipment was redeployed.

The solution.

Full asset valuation

Decommissioning & reuse model

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We worked closely with the bank to analyse the infrastructure we were dealing with, and shared the results of that analysis with Cisco. Having done this, our partnership with Cisco enabled us to provide the bank with a full asset valuation, and to agree a comprehensive decommissioning and reuse model with all the stakeholders.

We then coordinated the seamless return and redeployment of all the assets being decommissioned. This redeployment went up to and included crucial detail components such as cables and rack mounts, guaranteeing full asset utilisation in the years to come.

The outcome.

The equipment in question was decommissioned, repackaged and returned to Cisco in full and in line with strict deadlines.

The partnership we have with Cisco meant that they enjoyed two benefits. Firstly, they were able to redeploy the equipment in question and secondly, our reverse logistics function ensured that none of the equipment we dealt with made its way onto the problematic and unauthorised secondary market.

The fact that the decommissioned equipment was returned to market via an authorised channel meant that it was not only reused, but was reused at its highest utility.

Our successful delivery of the project as a whole resulted in the complete elimination of e-waste, which would otherwise have been inevitable.

The re-use and redeployment of the equipment provided a significant ROI for the client.

“There are many options available to customers when it comes to retiring their old technology and financial and environmental factors are crucial in decision making.

We demonstrated the benefits of returning this technology to Cisco, so it could be reused at its optimum level with Cisco backed warranties.

With only 17% of eWaste being recycled we must be pioneering in how we keep technology in use for longer”


Anthony Levy, Founder & CEO Cistor

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