The CIO’s Perspective On The Circular Economy

Today, in the court of public opinion, a business is judged more by its ethics than its financial performance.

That means the resources your organisation consumes, and how it disposes of its waste, matters to your customers. Importantly, there are big opportunities for any organization to become more prosperous based on circular economic principles such as generating value through the prevention of waste.

IT leaders who can create value by reducing waste will seize the advantage for their business. In seeking to produce our ‘The CIO’s perspective on the Circular Economy’, whitepaper we have sought to be both independent and to the point. For independence, our document has been created as a digest of ‘UK Gov’s Report of the Government Chief Scientific Adviser: From waste to productivity. Evidence and Case Studies’. The original document runs to 222 pages. We have pulled out the content pertinent to people working in IT.

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The CIO’s Perspective
On The Circular Economy

Highlights for IT leaders from the UK Government’s From Waste To Productivity report

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