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A note from our Founder and CEO Anthony Levy


We live on a planet with limited resources but day to day we generally don’t worry about that too much. Recently, for several reasons, we have just started to get a feel what life will be like when those resources start to run out. When the Suez Canal was blocked, we got to experience shortages that were only temporary, but we started to see how it affected our day- to- day life.


When manufacturing capability stopped in China during Covid it took a while for supplies to run down. Right now, we’re starting to feel those impacts. One such item is semi-conductors; a base electronic component that forms the basis of more complicated technology. A shortage of these components is causing delays to production of technology that forms the bedrock of modern life.


These components are so fundamental to the operation of our society that we see leaders like Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco Systems, airing on the BBC to talk about the challenges caused by the shortages of the components they need to build their products (the networking equipment that connects our devices with the datacentres). This is a flavour of what is to come, as our natural resources run out.  For customers this means a longer wait for technology solutions and, as demand exceeds supply, prices will go up.


At Cistor, our entire business model is based on the fact that we can reuse IT resources, that they don’t need to just be thrown away after one time of use. IT hardware is an asset that can be reused again and again. We are able to remanufacture or refurbish technology products and redeploy them. Our circular economy partnership with vendors like Cisco means that the authorised remanufactured technology we sell is as good as new- each component checked and replaced as necessary with all the warranties you’d expect of new. We all know we must keep the resources we already have, in use for longer.


This is the time for us to show our worth, to show that the supply chains we operate can provide additional resilience in these in these temporary periods of resource constraint, and show their potential as a solution for the future. We can show people that authorised non-new technology, is just as just as reliable and just as trusted just as new technology, but more resilient to resource shortfalls in the supply chain. We can use this time to win people over on the business case, that remanufactured technology is also more cost effective.  It’s better for our budgets and it’s better for our planet.


So, if you want new technology, be prepared to wait longer and see prices increase. Alternatively, I’d invite you to step into the future now and make your business more resilient and cost effective by utilising our supply chain.

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