Sustainable IT

IT is the fastest growing carbon stream in the world.

Let's Change That

Don’t be Carbon Complacent

The technology and telecom sector generates an estimated 5% of global CO2 emissions, double aviation. This figure is set to surge to as much as 14% by 2040. If we continue on this path, we will irreparably damage the ecosystems that support our very existence. Sustainable IT is not a mere option; it's an imperative.

Are you Carbon Curious?

The complex technology we use today requires many components. The resources for these parts are mined at locations all over the world. Did you know that an estimated 7% of the world's gold might currently reside in eWaste? Yet, constantly creating new products strains our precious resources and isn't sustainable.

Not only is this waste bad for the environment, but eWaste poses significant health risks, as its toxic elements seep into the soil and air, even infiltrating the food chain. Extending technology's lifespan is crucial to reducing this hazardous waste.

Sustainable IT is about reusing and redeploying the technology we already have to maximise its use, save resources and reduce C02 emissions.

Curious About Your Carbon?

Business benefits of sustainable IT

Greater competitive advantage

Consumers increasingly factoring the environmental impact of the products they buy
Between 10-15% of tender scores are put aside for sustainability
Failure to show ESG action is increasingly becoming a “knock out” factor in supplier selection

Extend IT budgets

Cost savings of 15-20%
Alternative to expensive upgrades
Cost-effective infrastructure refreshes

Increased resilience

Resilient supply chains
Technology that’s already known and trusted, with the same warranties, support and performance
Shorter lead times

Get Carbon Confident

At Cistor, we’ve developed a set or solutions to help you embed sustainability into your IT

Cisco Network Discovery

Onsite network discovery so you can build high performance, sustainable architecture.
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Cisco Refresh

Remanufactured IT conserves resources, cuts costs, and ensures access to advanced technology by reducing reliance on new hardware
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By investing in sustainable IT, businesses can consciously become part of the solution.

In fact, in a study carried out with our customers, Colt, we found that by using remanufactured IT in a five year period they avoided:

22.6 tonnes of ewaste and saved 1,012 tCO2e. That’s the equivalent of three Boeing 747 jets!

See how sustainable IT can work for you

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