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As part of the Circularity First Group, our mission is simple: to be the catalyst for the adoption of sustainable IT on a global stage. At Cistor, we do this through the provision of remanufactured hardware.





Cistor was founded by The Sustainable IT Guy, Anthony Levy. Recognising a burgeoning need within the market, Anthony observed a challenge. Major equipment manufacturers, such as Cisco, sought partners to embrace their remanufactured technology. Thus, a gap existed - a reliable channel for accessibility.
From the humble confines of a London-based office, Cistor embarked on solving this dilemma. What began as a solution-seeking venture has blossomed into enduring partnerships, typified by our sustained relationship with a global telecommunications giant.
As a trusted ally to Cisco, we've transitioned from supplying modest quantities of refresh stock to managing and supplying their global inventory.
Expanding our reach, we extend the same dedicated service to a spectrum of clients worldwide. By forecasting their needs, leveraging market insights, and ensuring readiness, we're committed to delivering precisely what they require, precisely when they need it.

Our sustainability journey

Championing resource conservation

Since 2016, we’ve prevented more than 859,000kg of eWaste by extending the life-cycle of existing technology.

Our principles in action

Our UK facility runs off solar power.
All of our packaging is reused or recyclable.
Even this website has been designed with sustainability in mind.

We’ve managed to:

Provide cost savings of 15-20%
Reduce carbon footprints by as much as 80%
Keep technology in use for longer.

Our goals:

Reduced tCO2e <40% by 2025*
To be net zero by 2030* through our carbon reduction strategic initiative.
*we've been tracking carbon emissions since 2020.

Read our Carbon Reduction Policy here.

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Cistor is one of the largest Cisco Circular Economy Partners in Europe and the first Environmental Sustainability Specialist partner in the UK.

Cisco Refresh provides you with reassurance that our sustainable IT solutions are supplied with the same warranties and licences as new, and with the same SmartNet support.

How Cistor can help you

Sustainable IT

A seamless blend of 'good as new' and aligned with the circular economy ethos. Say goodbye to pricey upgrades. Opt for cost-effective infrastructure refreshes that elevate your setup without breaking the bank.
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Network Discovery

Our industry-certified experts perform on-site miracles, fortifying your organisation's network infrastructure against any challenge. Experience the confidence that comes with top-tier preparation from the best in the field.
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Circular Impact Reporting

IT counts for 4% of global carbon emissions - that’s double the aviation sector. With Circular Impact Reporting, you can learn what impact your business could have by buying remanufactured IT over new.
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Hardware as a Service?

Does HaaS need to go in here ? wasn't on the copy
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Here’s how Cistor saved Colt $1million

Headquartered in London, Colt is a global digital infrastructure company that delivers extraordinary connections.

Colt turned to Cistor to help them with two key challenges: speed and sustainability.

Here’s the story of how we not only met those challenges, but saved them $1million in the process.

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