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Maximising savings, minimising eWaste. Your win-win sustainable IT strategy.

Unwavering dedication to championing sustainability

Our unwavering dedication to championing Cisco's sustainability vision led us to achieve the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation Award. By harnessing authorised remanufactured IT equipment via Cisco's innovative takeback and reuse program, we propel customers toward their sustainability milestones.

Unmatched IT lead times. Unrivalled IT solutions.

With Cisco Refresh, relish top-notch products synonymous with a global leader, coupled with an eco-conscious, sustainable approach. A vital necessity for corporations embracing sustainability mandates.

Collaborating closely with Cisco, we're extending the lifecycle of technology, embracing circular economy principles that ensure each gadget realises its full potential, while your business benefits from lower costs, quicker lead times and sustainable solutions.

This concerted effort significantly curtails e-waste and climate impact, embodying our commitment to a greener future.

The best part?

You won’t know the difference.

Research from Gartner predicts that 80% of hardware vendors' product portfolios will come from circular initiatives by 2030, up from 20% in 2023.

This means you’ll be getting more of the latest and greatest tech and networking hardware without needing to buy new every time.
Identical warranty.
Identical support options (e.g. SMARTnet).
100% authorised product.
Identical software licensing.
Identical finance package options,
Leveraging the circular economy, extending equipment life and reuse.
Used in network infrastructures around the world, the Certified Cisco Refresh remanufactured program mirrors a steadfast dedication to reducing environmental footprint, benefitting the end user experience.

Rest assured, we deliver the expected quality while maintaining a fully sustainable, low carbon footprint.

The Circular Economy

Recover. Regenerate. Resell.

Keep resources in use for as long as possible
Maximise their value
Once their service life ends, products and materials are recovered, regenerated and resold

Helping your net-zero goals

Reduce your carbon footprint. Learn about your impact through Circular Impact Reporting
Sustainability friendly supply chains
Reducing the need for raw material extraction and consumption

Products that last

Cisco products are designed to be maintained and upgraded to extend their life
Materials flow continuously within the economy
Reduces energy use and protect biodiversity

Powered by Cisco

Cistor is one of the largest Cisco Circular Economy Partners in Europe and the first Environmental Sustainabiliity Specialist partner in the UK.

Cisco Refresh provides you with reassurance that our sustainable IT solutions are supplied with the same warranties and licences as new, and with the same SmartNet support.

Refreshingly trustworthy IT solutions

As a key strategic circular economy partner in Cisco’s Refresh programme, we have utilised Cisco Refresh Technology in IT contracts around the world- including in Banks, the London Stock Exchange, International Service Providers, Government Departments, Universities, Businesses and Mobile Technology Companies.

By utilising technology that already exists, our clients reduce eWaste and climate impact by not having to purchase brand new technology. This contributes to their wider sustainability goals, driving them towards a greener future.

As part of the Circularity First Group, our Cisco Certified team offers agility and the extensive expertise and global reach of a larger enterprise. Our structure enables us to swiftly address your sustainable IT challenges while delivering cost-effective and resilient solutions.

See how sustainable IT can work for you

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