43% of leaders know their organisation’s IT carbon footprint.

We’ll help you reduce your carbon impact.

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Why choose Circular Impact Reporting?

IT contributes between 5-20% of an organisation’s scope 3 emissions and this number is growing. Every IT decision makes a difference. At Cistor, we champion sustainability through our circular mindset, redefining IT practices for a brighter future. Our reporting gives you insight into the impact that embedding these principles has on your organisation's carbon reporting.

IT contributes between 5-20% of an organisation’s scope 3 emissions

Reduce Yours

Transform Your Procurement Approach

Seeing your data in black and white leads to more conscious consumption.
Starts to quantify the material impacts on the earth’s resources and supply chains of always defaulting to new.
Share tangible evidence of the positive impacts your sourcing decisions have with wider business stakeholders.

Path to Environmental Excellence

Fly the flagging for sustainability in your business and align to wider ESG goals
Build a business case for a more sustainable approach to how IT is sourced and used in your organisation
Actively engage stakeholders, showcasing the IT department's commitment to reducing environmental footprint and fostering eco-friendly practices

Lower Emissions

Quantify the positive impact of using remanufactured technology
Quantify the positive impact of extending the life of technology
Choose the most energy effiecient hardware available

What is Circular Impact Reporting?

Our Circular Impact Reporting takes a deep-dive into your hardware, the carbon that goes into producing it and your tCO2e savings to help you visualise where you sit in line with your sustainability goals, and how to improve.
Sample Circular Impact Report

Powered by Cisco

Cistor is one of the largest Cisco Circular Economy Partners in Europe and the first Environmental Sustainability Specialist partner in the UK.

Our Circular Impact Reporting doesn’t just demonstrate the tCO2e savings made by choosing Cisco Refresh though. We combine it with energy consumption data pulled from Cisco’s Sustainability Tools so you can see the energy efficiency of the hardware in your network.





We tore down (and often had to smash up!) our most popular lines of equipment and it showed what we’d always known, that this technology is designed to last beyond it’s planned lifecycle.

We analysed the materials used in the technology and applied carbon factors to understand the greenhouse gas (GHG) impact.
To compare the material and GHG impact of producing new IT products, compared to extending the life of the same equipment or remanufacturing used equipment.
We worked with the leading electronics product lifecycle emissions team from Eunomia
Remanufactured technology has significantly less embodied carbon emissions

Remanufactured technology is significantly better for critical raw material use

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