Cistor achieve Cisco’s new Environmental Sustainability Specialisation

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As one of the largest Circular Economy Partners to Cisco in Europe, we’re delighted to have been awarded the recently launched Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation.

Members of our team completed training set by Cisco and successfully passed an exam designed to strengthen our role in actively supporting Cisco’s sustainability pledge for product returns.  

This certification confirms that: 

  • We’re helping customers achieve their sustainability goals by using authorised remanufactured IT through Cisco’s takeback and reuse programme 
  • We’re partnering with Cisco and our customers to keep technology in use for longer through returning, reusing and redeploying technology aligned to circular economy principles. 
  • We’re actively supporting Cisco’s sustainability pledge. 
  • The Take Back Initiative ensures that technology is used for its full life 

It’s also further recognition of the significant role we play in Cisco’s global initiative to responsibly repurpose or recycle end of use equipment to ensure that the technology that already exists, is used for longer. 

Over the last fourteen years, Cistor has partnered with Cisco to keep technology in use for longer. As a key strategic circular economy partner in Cisco’s Refresh programme, we have utilised Cisco Refresh Technology in IT contracts around the world - including in Banks, the London Stock Exchange, International Service Providers, Government Departments, Universities, Businesses and Mobile Technology Companies.

Increasingly, we see organisations deep-dive into their environmental and social impact. The conversations we have with our clients is changing. Of course, organisations need technology to deliver continuity, to be secure, to be cost effective and to be resistant to supply chain challenges. However, the biggest change we are seeing is that organisations are now questioning how IT can align with their wider business sustainability goals such as eWaste, the circular economy and finite resource protection. Our Sustainability IT Consultancy offers support for organisations that crave this alignment.

Cisco Refresh provides our customers with the reassurance that the technology they are using is supplied with the same warranties and licences as new, and with the same SmartNet support. The bonus is that by utilising technology that already exists, our clients reduce eWaste and climate impact by not having to purchase brand new technology. 

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