Right now, Cisco is experiencing a manufacturing constraint due to a global shortage of transistors used in the Catalyst 9000 range. That means, the lead time for retail equipment is building up. It’s already on about 120 days.

We can access the 9200 to 9500 series ranges from EMEA and the US and deliver to you within a few weeks

Cistor is a Cisco RF partner – primarily focused on extending the lifecycle of technology and therefore, centred around the Cisco Refresh offering. Currently sitting in inventory in Cisco refresh –  in EMEA and the US –  there are 4411 units at $29m new list across the 9200 to 9500 series ranges sitting between 1-2 weeks away from us!

The Cisco Catalyst 9000 family of switches, access points and wireless controllers provides the most mission-critical component of the network. Cisco wired and wireless infrastructure is always on, cloud-driven and highly secure.

The 9000 series is Cisco’s second fastest selling product range and is in use everyday around the globe.

As an authorised Refresh partner, we can access this stock quickly, efficiently and at a favourable price.

Why Cisco Refresh?


  • Price | Significantly lower than retail
  • Quality is the same | In the Refresh programme all items are fully checked and authorised as they pass through Cisco’s remanufacture programme, reappearing as Refresh
  • Warranty is the same | Refresh products have the same Cisco warranty as retail
  • SMARTnet | Refresh products have the same SMARTnet options as retail
  • Just a few weeks away | Due to our authorised Refresh Partner status we can supply stock in a matter of weeks


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What our customers say

  • "...Cistor helped with not one, but two significant changes. The first being the replacement of core switch infrastructure to the latest generation of CISCO hardware and the second being an upgrade across multiple sites to increase bandwidth. Both of these projects were meticulously planned and executed without incident, and as the Head of Infrastructure I couldn't have wished for a better outcome"

    Craig Brims Executive Director, Technology Division, Daiwa Capital Markets
  • "We used Cistor through the CCS RM3733 Catalogue framework as the service was great and the pricing enabled us to make considerable savings in our budget."

    North East Derbyshire District Council

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About our CISCO products

Compare Cisco Refresh

New Cisco products versus Cisco Refresh products

Feature New Cisco Products Cisco Refresh Products
Quality Tested and certified by Cisco. Same as new.
Software License Cisco IOS software license included. Same as new.
Warranty and Support Varies – limited lifetime warranty on some products. Support provided through Cisco Technical Assistance Center. Same as new.
Cost Varies 15% cheaper

Uncertified used Cisco products versus Cisco Refresh products

Feature Uncertified used Cisco products Cisco Refresh Products
Availability and supply Risk of grey market products, illegal and insecure. Over 6,000 products readily available, most of which have never been used before.
Reassurance No Cisco authentication. Backed by Cisco warranty and Cisco SMARTnet eligible. Same quality as new.
Tested and Certified Varies. Tested and certified to Cisco factory specifications. Firmware and hardware updates applied.

Cisco Refresh Remanufacturing Process

Cisco Refresh products are remanufactured to a standard that only Cisco can achieve. Each unit undergoes a rigorous and comprehensive ISO 9001/14001 certified remanufacturing and testing process. The end result is peace of mind, knowing that you are getting genuine Cisco performance, quality, support and value. Cisco Refresh is different because of the rigorous and proprietary 8-step remanufacturing process.

  1. Inspection: Each unit is subject to a thorough physical and visual inspection at every step of the process.
  2. Testing: A comprehensive set of diagnostic, functional and network traffic system tests are performed. Burn-in and/or thermal cycling are performed to ensure product integrity. All units must meet Cisco factory specifications.
  3. Repair: Units that fail any inspection or testing are repaired by replacing the faulty components and boards with genuine parts from Cisco’s Approved Vendors List. All repairs are made in compliance with Cisco specified engineering, quality and environmental standards. The repaired units are then subjected again to functional, network traffic system, burn-in and thermal cycling as applicable.
  4. Restore default configuration: The unit is decommissioned with all previous owner and configuration settings removed and returned to default settings. Previous owner information is also erased from the product.
  1. Upgrades: Each unit’s serial number is checked against our proprietary product engineering database to determine what firmware/hardware upgrades (Engineering Change Orders) are required. Most units undergo implementation of performance, quality, health and safety engineering change orders during the remanufacturing process.
  2. Software: A valid IOS software license is installed.
  3. Cleaning: Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and detailed. Old labels are removed and new labels applied. New fasteners and new panels are installed as appropriate. Casings are cleaned, touched up or repainted as applicable. The final unit is cosmetically similar to the equivalent new unit.
  4. Packaging: Units are carefully wrapped, placed in a new protective shipping box and sealed in preparation for delivery.

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