In an increasingly insecure world, it's critical that what you see is exactly what you get.

Sadly, this is often not the case and buying Cisco products outside of Cisco's authorised channel comes with many risks.

For example, products could be licensed to a previous user, have compromised software and hardware or even be counterfeit.

Cistor completely eliminate these risk by offering the best value authorised Cisco equipment. We utilise the best global commercial programs on offer to provide you with both a technology you can trust at a price you can afford.

Worried about the origin or authenticity of a Cisco product?

The first stage of being sure you are buying authorised equipment is to check who you are buying from as only Cisco Partners can sell you authorised Cisco equipment. You can check if your supplier is a Cisco Partner by using the partner locator – Click Here

If you have purchased equipment and you are still not sure if you have authorised equipment, contact us at with the serial numbers you have purchased and we will get them verified by Cisco.

Read about the commercial challenges of buying technology products from the grey market


This whitepaper explores the disadvantages of buying IT equipment from the grey market and how to extend your investment in your IT equipment.


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