How Cistor helped Colt save $1m a year on IT

Since 2015

Cistor has been working with Colt since 2015, helping them to source Cisco hardware that meets the needs of both their IT and Sustainability strategies.

$1M Saved

Through Cisco certified remanufactured they’ve saved over $1m a year saving in IT cost.

1,012 tCO2e Avoided

22.6 tonnes of eWaste and 1,012 tCO2e avoided over five years.

The Customer

Headquartered in London, Colt is a global digital infrastructure company that delivers extraordinary connections. Delivering industry-leading customer experience, Colt is guided by its dedication to customer innovation, by its values and its responsibility to its customers, partners, people and planet.

The challenges

Colt turned to Cistor to help them with two key challenges:


The procurement of IT equipment quickly. This needs to happen without increasing costs so they can remain competitive in the market


One of Colt’s key differentiators is that they are aiming to raise the bar on tech and sustainability. With this in mind IT procurement had to align its procurement practices and sustainability targets.

Refining the supply chain

Colt worked with Cistor to implement a number of solutions that would lead to a slicker and more cost effective IT supply chain. This included:

A process for forecasting future demand and enabling accurate pre-staging of the equipment needed.

A just-in-time supply chain that seamlessly blends Refresh, Cisco's certified remanufactured IT, with new equipment. This allows for shorter lead times and greater resilience, without compromising on value.

The take-back and remanufacturing of existing equipment from Colt to extend its working life.


The remanufactured IT market can be challenging and as an authorised reseller, the quality guarantee from Cistor gives us welcome peace of mind. They helped us a create a resilient supply chain through their proactive approach to sourcing items we need - Keri Gilder CEO, Colt

Promoting circular economy principles

In addition, Colt also partners with Cistor sister brand Circularity First to promote circular economy principles in its IT procurement practices. This includes:

Measuring the embedded carbon of its IT products and services.

Comparing the carbon emissions of refurbished and new equipment.

Setting targets to reduce the carbon intensity of its IT procurement and working with suppliers to develop more sustainable IT products and services.

Through a joint teardown project of Cisco hardware, Colt and Circularity First we’re also able to gain data for carbon emissions between refurbished and new equipment, providing insight that backs up this decision making.

The results

The implementation of these solutions has resulted in several benefits for Colt. It helped them create the most sustainable IT supply chain in Europe and reduced their lead time for new equipment from ten days to one. All of this while maintaining annual savings of $1 million.

In addition, Colt we’re also able to achieve their sustainability ambitions. This included:

Raw Material Saving


A reduction in the use of newly manufactured technology by 70%, which represents a reduction of 40,000 kg in the weight of virgin materials being required.

eWaste Avoided


Over five years, they avoided 22.6 tonnes of e-waste from being generated by choosing equipment that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Carbon Saving


In the same period 1,012 tCO2e was saved

Circular economy principles in its IT procurement practices are helping to reduce the environmental impact of the IT industry and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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