Sustainable IT from Refresh delivers rapid lead times

Rapid Integration

The insurer needed to integrate their IT systems swiftly due to strict regulations, with failure to meet timelines risking financial penaltie

Seamless Integration with Cisco Refresh

This approach ensured a timely and seamless integration of IT systems, meeting the critical deadlines.

Beating 12-Month Lead Time with Circular IT Solutions

This approach not only met their acquisition timeline but also upheld their commitment to sustainable IT and digital transformation.

The challenges

Our large insurance client, as part of an acquisition, rapidly needed to integrate their IT systems. Because the acquisition was subject to strict regulations, failure to meet timescales would result in financial penalties.

With lead times of over 6 months on new products, there was a risk of significant impact to their business. Our client faced a major challenge to integrate the new business and provide complete services to their customers.

A customer-centric approach

Our client shared with Cistor both the financial impact of this and the potential negative customer experiences that such a significant delay to their project would invoke.

Our long-standing authorised partnership with Cisco allowed us to have a responsive approach to the IT market that supported our client’s customer-centric principles. With Cistor’s experience of circular supply chains and visibility, we quickly secured the switches and modules our client needed.

By working with a combination of new and Cisco Refresh, certified remanufactured equipment, we ensured a timeframe that would deliver a seamless integration on time for our client.

A customer-centric approach

Our experience in supporting customers with vendor certified remanufactured equipment, and points of engagement with multiple distribution channels, enables us to source in-demand hardware where other suppliers can’t. We’re a business that builds long term relationships with clients, who trust us to solve their biggest IT challenges.

Our global insurance client benefited from the cost-effective, rapid remanufactured IT solutions from Cisco Refresh, delivered by Cistor. Our solutions prevented an unacceptable 12-month wait that would have breached deadline, and instead met the acquisition timeline with confidence.

By choosing Cistor’s circular supply chain model, they avoided financial sanction and sustained their reputation for innovative digital transformation, while championing sustainable IT.

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