Cistor raises the bar with vendor compliant solution for leading law firm

Budget-Conscious Data Centre Upgrade

The law firm required high-quality hardware for its data centre upgrade within significant budget constraints

Cisco Refresh Solution for Compliance and Sustainability

This approach met the firm's need for enterprise-grade hardware while avoiding the risks associated with non-OEM equipment.

Strategic Negotiation and Long-term Partnership

Successfully negotiated a blended solution price, staying within the law firm's budget

The challenges

Our international commercial law firm client needed quality hardware for its data centre upgrade but had significant budget constraints, so were considering non-OEM memory. As an authorised Cisco premier partner with an environmental sustainability specialisation, we took on an intermediary role and negotiated an outcome that benefitted all parties.

Case notes

Our client, a top tier ranked law firm, depends on enterprise grade hardware to keep its data secure and provide efficient communications with its customers. The firm wanted to run a standard upgrade on one of its data centres.

Cistor partnered with the client to develop a solution that was financially beneficial and environmentally sustainable. Through discussions and lab testing with the customer, we agreed the solution could be best provided by using Cisco Refresh, certified remanufactured products to avoid the risk of deploying non-OEM equipment.

The action

With over ten years of vendor management experience, we knew we could navigate the deal and achieve a win-win for all parties. We worked closely with the vendor and our client to negotiate a blended solution price and secure the equipment within budget. We further saved them time and resources by managing the build and pre-configuring of the servers.

The verdict

As sustainable IT specialists, we have global supply chain visibility and unmatched agility in sourcing in-demand technology at great prices. We set the bar high on delivering exceptional solutions and consistently sourcing in-demand equipment.

Our position in the industry gives us access to certified remanufactured equipment at highly competitive rates. This meant we could secure our law firm client a significantly reduced rate on their data centre and server equipment.

Cistor thrives on building trusted long-term relationships with partners and IT vendors. Recognising that our tailored solutions complemented their straightforward approach to supporting their customers, our client subsequently chose to partner with us as their primary server supplier.

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