7 month lead time reduced to 1 week for ISP managed service roll out

Rapid Fulfillment

The ISP managed to reduce their lead time for their service rollout from 7 months to just 1 week

Addressing Router Shortage with 200 Units

Faced with a shortfall of 200 routers, our solution effectively addressed this significant quantity, ensuring the ISP could maintain uninterrupted service for their SME customers.

Blended Approach to Managed Services

This strategic shift not only met their immediate needs but also aligned with their sustainable IT objectives.

The challenges

Ongoing router shortages were preventing our leading ISP client from delivering their managed services solutions. Because they rely on a consistent supply of multiple standard sized routers to provide uninterrupted networking to their SME customers, long lead times meant disruption to existing services and setbacks on new business.

Our client had a shortfall of 200 routers and faced a prolonged fulfilment date for new product supply. Delaying installs would have a negative impact on their customers and come at a significant cost to the company. As a customer-centric organisation that intuitively related to our client’s concerns over speed and efficiency, we were able to leverage our circular supply chain solutions to find a resolution.

Case notes

Our client, a top tier ranked law firm, depends on enterprise grade hardware to keep its data secure and provide efficient communications with its customers. The firm wanted to run a standard upgrade on one of its data centres.

Cistor partnered with the client to develop a solution that was financially beneficial and environmentally sustainable. Through discussions and lab testing with the customer, we agreed the solution could be best provided by using Cisco Refresh, certified remanufactured products to avoid the risk of deploying non-OEM equipment.

Sourcing IT in one week

Cistor’s broad range of visibility, both into leading vendors and global distributors, led us to surpass projected lead times and source the right equipment for our ISP partner, right away.

To skip the queue and provide an outstanding result, we secured a combination of new and certified remanufactured products and had them shipped to our client within a week of the call.

Partnering for success

Through their partnership with Cistor, our client delivered on commitments to their customers, whereas the projected 7 month wait for new equipment would have caused major disruption. Our expertise in circular supply chains meant we could source and supply the required IT in days.

By deploying both new and authorised remanufactured technology, the ISP continued to provide seamless installs, on time and under budget. The transformative impact on their supply chain has now inspired our client to leverage a blended remanufactured and new approach to all their managed services – an approach that is also better for their sustainable IT objectives.

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