Major Platform Migration

Seamless Transition

Upgraded from Cisco 6500 to Advanced Nexus 7000 Platform

Enhanced Network Performance

Successfully Upgraded to 10G Across Multiple Sites

Widespread Impact

Comprehensive Multi-Site Implementation of Advanced Networking Solutions for Daiwa Capital Markets

Reaching End of Sale on the platforms they rely upon is something which many clients historically struggled with.

Working with us, however, means accessing cost effective solutions to this problem which involve combining platforms, streamlining policies and simplifying the support structures needed. We offer all of this, without compromising on the outcomes delivered by the platforms and with the ability to scale built in from the ground up.

The challenges

Daiwa were facing increased support costs and a range of technical challenges across their core network. This was a multi-site infrastructure built around the Cisco 6500 platform, and as the platform they depended upon reached End of Sale the infrastructure became fully redundant.

The solution needed was clearly a single platform working across all sites in a manner which would streamline policy and simplify the support needed.

In addition to being streamlined and seamless the platform had to provide a complete technical solution, including complex capabilities like Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), which would enable them to extend their layer 2 capabilities between data centres.

The solutions

We worked in close partnership with the team at Daiwa in order to transform and transition their existing environment with scope for potential future growth built into the solution at a fundamental level.

The answer was a nexus 7000 solution with an end-to-end professional services wrap which met all of the client demands and was delivered within the budget.

The results

The main data center site migrated successfully from the redundant Cisco 6500 platform to the Nexus 7000 platform. This shift was seamless and enabled improved planning, streamlining of policy, and 10G upgrades across multiple sites. This put in place the conditions for ease of scalability across the client’s networks of remote sites.

Our experience, access to supply chains and relationship with a vendor like Cisco enabled us to deliver an effective migration on time and on budget.

Having a stable network is an essential building block to providing the core infrastructure for the bank’s trading activities. Any disruption or downtime has a very real impact on the business, so changes to the environment are not undertaken lightly. Cistor helped with not one, but two significant changes. The first being the replacement of core switch infrastructure to the latest generation of Cisco hardware, and the second being an upgrade across multiple sites to increase bandwidth.

Both of these projects were meticulously planned and executed without incident, and as the head of Infrastructure I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome

Anthony Levy, Founder & CEO

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