Outsmarting emerging threats with Cisco Stealthwatch and Cistor.

Outsmarting emerging threats is what Security is all about. Stealthwatch product uses industry-leading machine learning so that you know who is on your network, and what they are doing, using telemetry from your own infrastructure. With Stealthwatch, you can detect advanced threats whilst responding to them quickly, and protect critical data with smarter network segmentation.
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You can now find that needle in a haystack. Using machine learning and behavioural modelling, find out who is on your network and what they are doing using telemetry from your network.
Learn how Stealthwatch outperforms the its competitors on key capabilities:


Malware analysis and detection in encrypted traffic, Data hoarding detection, Lateral movement detection, Complete network audit trail, Reconnaissance detection, Machine learning, Exfiltration detection, Command-and-control detection, Anomaly detection and Malware detection.


Scalability, Data storage,  Zero-day exploit detection, Data compression, Deployment model, Endpoint visibility, Cloud visibility, Data export and  Alarm notifications.


Full-scope investigative workflows, Effectiveness for enterprise customers, Flexible query and filtering system, Cyberthreats dashboard, Visualization and mapping and Incident investigation.


Contextual data richness, Identity data, Routing and switching vendor integration, URL data capture, NetFlow generation for VMware environments, Collection of application and L7 Flow data, Full packet capture, Encrypted traffic analysis and Enterprise wide reputation scoring.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence feed, Exploitation detection and Threat intelligence sharing.

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