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Cistor are the authorised Cisco partner specialising in the low cost and rapid deployment of Cisco Products. We are the go to partner for Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment (CCRE), and we are trusted by some of the largest users of Cisco products worldwide. Learn More about CCRE

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Cistor specialise in quick turnaround projects. Where time is of the essence we have a team on hand to respond as fast as humanly possible. We work with all of the major distributors, and directly with Cisco to ensure we can deliver the maximum availability in the shortest possible lead time. Get a quote now

CCRE Video Overview

Cisco present the Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment program in their own words. Learn the purpose of the program and how Cisco stand behind every product they remanufacture. See pictures of the CCRE remanufacturing process, and a walk through of the benefits of the program end to end.

Good for Your Business, Good for the Environment

Listen to Neil Harris – Head of Sustainability for Cisco in Europe and what the Circular Economy means and how you can be part of this whilst providing valuable savings to your organisation!

Why buy from Cistor?

The go to partner for the Cisco Refresh programme, we have a direct buying relationship with Cisco and offer: 

  • The lowest cost authorised products
  • Broadest availability inc. EOS units
  • Shortest end to end lead time
  • Quick and easy business terms

What do Cistor sell?

Over 3,500 Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment products including:

IP telephony
Wireless Access

Channel Select

Cisco new products, Finance & Support. 

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