Cisco’s largest European Circular Economy partner

Cistor is a leading digital technology solutions provider and have been helping businesses maximise their technology investments since 2009. We are experts in designing, implementing & supporting enhanced technology solutions, whilst responsibly decommissioning any outgoing technology aligned to our Circular Economy values and sustainable approach. This extends the lifespan of your current technology, controls your operational costs and future-proofs new technology in line with your business needs.

We are proud to have become Cisco’s largest European Circular Economy partner delivering sustainable and cost effective solutions for our clients. And with further expansion in the US and Asia we offer an integrated operating model, supporting our clients’ requirements in any location.

Anthony Levy talks about Cistor’s Culture and Sustainability

“Cistor and Cisco are committed to leading the future of the circular economy when it comes to designing and selling technology products.  This means materials flow continuously within the economy, rather than being used once and discarded.”
Anthony Levy, CEO and Founder, Cistor Ltd.

Anthony speaking at 2020 CogX

Technology can be the answer to many of our sustainability challenges, but not if we don’t address its own impact on the environment. Anthony introduces two approaches to make technology much more sustainable and also more economic.

Optimising your existing network infrastructure
Organisations spend 70-80% of their IT time and budget on managing the technology they have. They have little time to consider emerging technology and its potential benefit to their bottom line – they are just too busy with today’s fire-fighting, upgrades and fixes keeping their customers happy.

Cistor is unique in that, instead of sending in the trucks filled with new replacement product, we first assess your current inventory to optimise your administration and associated cost by providing new and certified remanufactured Cisco equipment.

Accelerating your technology transformation
Our experts will tailor a solution designed specifically for your network infrastructure with all of the hardware, licensing, financing, warranty and installation services you need to run your business. We can supply digital technology supporting our clients’ digital transformation strategies keeping them ahead of the competition.

Ultimately, we are committed to improving operations, increasing efficiency and delivering more sustainable products and optimised services, helping businesses maximise and extend their technology investment.

Sustainability and the Circular Economy
Our approach supports the Circular Economy adopting the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle philosophy – much needed in today’s throw away world. It continuously removes and replaces products and parts from the global technology item cycle. It extends your IT budget and meets your sustainable IT procurement KPI’s. This provides new ways of consuming products and services reducing cost, energy, and waste, ultimately promoting greater flexibility, lower risk, and a more sustainable future for society.

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