Getting Started with Remanufactured IT

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What is it, how can it save me money and how do I get started?

We live on a planet with limited resources. In fact, this year the Earth used more resources than it can generate by 2nd August

“What’s this got to do with me?” I hear you ask. Well, as a top IT pro, quite a bit. IT’s reliance on new hardware draws down on these scarce resources, making equipment more expensive to source and harder to get hold of. And that’s before you think of its environmental impact. 

Research from Gartner predicts that 80% of hardware vendors product portfolios will come from circular initiatives by 2030, up from 20% in 2023. This means you’ll be getting more of the latest and greatest tech and networking hardware without needing to buy new every time.

Which is where remanufacturing comes in.


of hardware vendors product portfolios will come from circular initiatives by 2030

What is Remanufactured IT?

Put simply, remanufactured IT is preowned equipment that has been restored to like-new condition, often with the same warranties and guarantees. It's a great way to save money, reduce your environmental impact, and get the same performance as new equipment.

Cisco’s Refresh programme is a great example of this. They take preowned technology, such as switches that have been returned by customers and test them for functionality and possible defects.

Any worn components are replaced and any data stored is safely deleted, so you get hardware that matches the stringent manufactured standards of like new. Just like when you buy a car from an approved dealership, the hardware is then supplied good-as-new with the manufacturers full warranty and associated software licenses. 

OK, got it. Why would I use it in my Network infrastructure over new though?

There are many reasons why your company should use remanufactured IT. Here are a few of the most important: 


Let’s not beat around the bush, buying remanufactured IT is cheaper. We typically find our customers save between 20-30% by buying Cisco authorised Refresh through us. At a time when businesses are under pressure to reduce costs, this makes it the ideal way for IT departments to do so, without having to compromise on performance or piece of mind. 

Supply Chain

IT hardware goes through a long and winding journey from raw materials to your network. This makes it vulnerable to supply chain disruptions, which can cause delays and headaches. Remanufactured IT skips some of these steps, so it's less likely to be affected by supply chain issues. 

The Cisco Catalyst 9000 range is a perfect example of how remanufactured IT can solve supply chain issues. When Cisco struggled to source components during Chipogeden, lead times for new products extended daily. But thanks to our Intelligent Supply Chain offering, we were able to help our customers get as good-as-new CAT9K hardware in just a few weeks. 

It’s twice as nice for the environment

Utilising remanufactured IT is great for the environment for two reasons. Firstly, hardware such as switches is often so well produced that it is difficult to recycle, by utilising hardware that has already gone into circulation, you’re extending it’s life span and reducing the amount of e-waste you are creating. 

Secondly, by choosing remanufactured hardware you are avoiding the production of a new bit of kit, meaning there’s less of an impact on your Scope Three emissions and the environment as a whole!  

In fact in a study carried out with our customers, Colt, we found that by using remanufactured IT in a five year period they avoided: 

22.6 tonnes of ewaste avoided

1,012 tCO2e saved

That’s the equivalent of three Boeing 747 jets! 

Interested? We thought you might be

Introducing remanufactured hardware into your IT network can seem daunting. We offer network discovery sessions for anyone considering it. We’ll look at your current infrastructure and work with you to identify the best places to start, sharing supply chain insight along the way. 

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